This page consists of discovered animals.Edit

If you can get a good picture too, please upload it with any info you may have.

  • Ruvatumbu Yelicit (Has 2 species.)
  • Gaythero Yelicit (Has 2 species.)
  • Uabigeva Madiuriculm (Has 2 species.)
  • Ebotelare Discope
  • Udineae Wulpetos
  • Violoiosc Urgoldenci
  • Ammuschimum Pitruoref (Has 2 species.)
  • Burbigumv Wonsembac (Has 2 species.)
  • Entenioi Xotumarquib
  • Kalkedorea Lugear
  • Kekarile Emirou (Has 2 species.)
  • Fitumpomp Yogmatele (Has 2 species.)
  • Baiolkosi Emantic (Has 2 species.)
  • Roxiumela Yettiungo
  • Iarediorea Thumactum

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